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Health For All The vision of The Kidney Care Society

CKD or Chronic Kidney Diseases are at a rise globally as well as in India. In India the risks of kidney trouble leading to chronic stages is becoming more and more common every day. The main cause for this is a lack of general awareness. This is exactly what the Kidney Care Society has been doing for the past seven years, spreading the light of awareness where previously there was only darkness of ignorance.

Our approach has been two-pronged from the very start. Prevention and Early Detection are the paths that we have chosen to combat this silent killer. We have arranged a number of awareness camps and workshops over the past few years and managed to establish the danger of kidney diseases to common people, medical practitioners, health care sector workers and many more.

We are fortunate that our efforts have not been in vain. We have managed to detect many cases of Kidney diseases at different stages and screened several thousand people. Our mission is to establish a model system meeting all possible standards for renal care and bridge the knowledge gap to prevent the spread of this silent killer.

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Upcoming Activities

  • Our philanthropic kidney care centres Asutosh Bose Kidney Care Centre

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  • 1000+ Detection

  • 1000+ Screened

  • 10000+ Educated

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Donate & Help Us to Prevent Kidney Disease

Treatment of Kidney Disease is often expensive. In developing countries more than 85% of total kidney disease population stop their treatment for financial reason.Please donate to save lives. Any amount collected from here would be spent in spreading awareness and funding kidney treatment of those who cannot provide for their own treatment.

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Research & Publication

The range of academic papers published in renowned web journals bears testimony to our in-depth research in the field of Kidney Diseases.

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Did You Know?

Cuisine for Kidneys Kidney-friendly, nutritional recipies

Some ingredients are safe for kidneys while others can benefit your kidneys. Here is a culinary look at the kidney safe way of living.

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Our Team

President-The Kidney Care Society

Dr. Pratim Sengupta President-The Kidney Care Society

MD (Medicine) | DM (Nephrology) | Managing Director – Nephrocare | Advisor For Govt of India National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organisation | Director of Nephrology & Renal Transplant Programmeat ILS Group of Hos

A Team of Doctors, Technicians, Dietitian, Research Associates, Healthcare Management Professionals